Stop that.


Yes you.

Stop what you’re doing.

No. Not that…

Yes that.

Come on. Don’t pretend.

You knew exactly what I was talking about!

I know. I know.

It will take patience.

And a bit of practice.

But just stop thinking that.

Or at least stop thinking that way.

Just stop thinking.

Be a little more aware next time.

Don’t start that rubbish again.

Argh! There you go again. Just stop it.


That’s better.

Now, what were we doing before this nonsense?

Ah yes, that’s right…

About MbAddison

I'm just writing. I am currently writing the Unfinished Works of MB Addison. It's a collection of screenplays, articles, poems, short stories, and a YA novel. This blog is for those rare pieces that slip through as finished works... for now.

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